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A very rare and interesting documentary about the Soviet Gnesine School (1945)

 A very rare and interesting documentary about the Soviet Gnesine School (1945). It shows - among others - Vissarion Shebalin, the school principal, the Director of the Moscow Conservatory and the composer whose work Les Editions Le Chant du Monde have the honor to represent and promote.

Follow the link to watch the film

  Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio - Architecte : AS Architecture Studio. Photo : Gaston F. Bergeret  

Présences Festival 2017
Ramon Lazkano and Luis Rizo-Salom

 Ramon Lazkano - Luis Rizo-Salom

Festival Présences 2017 
10 - 19 février / february 2017
Ramon Lazkano

a) Main surplombe
b) Ceux à qui
Neue Vocalsolisten, L’Instant donné, Manuel Nawri (direction / conducting)
Dimanche / Sunday 12 février / february 2017, 18h00 / 6pm,
Studio 104, Maison de Radio France, Paris

Mugarri (CF)
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Ernest Martinez-Izquierdo (direction / conducting)
Samedi / Saturday 18 février / february 2017, 20h00 / 8pm,
Auditorium, Maison de Radio France, Paris

Luis Fernando Rizo-Salom (1971-2013)
Quatre pantomimes pour six
Ensemble Court-Circuit, Jean Deroyer (direction / conducting)
Dimanche / Sunday 19 février / february 2017, 18h00 / 6pm,
Auditorium, Maison de Radio France, Paris


Lazkano, Triple portrait, Festival d'Automne 2016
Seen in the press

 Commissioned by [Paris's] Festival d’Automne, Ravel (Scènes), given in its world premiere, unveils fragments of the work in progress. Tito Ceccherini is at the head of L’Instant Donné (two partners known for their excellence) to serve music that is as polished and demanding as it is singular, whose sound dramaturgy immediately draws us in. 
Michèle Tosi, ResMusica (September 23, 2016)
Egan-3, Egan-3 and Izarren Hausta
[] also plunge into a bustling, infinitesimal sound universe […]. The precision of the sound effects to which the instrumentalists devote themselves, true technical prowess, is staggering […].Matthias Pintscher's refined conducting makes a captivating lyricism of the infinitely small blossom. With surgical precision, the musicians take hold of these playful pieces, a veritable acoustic laboratory.
Suzanne Gervais, La lettre du Musicien (November 16, 2016)

Errobi-2, for ensemble
[…] This is a trio for bass flute, bass clarinet and piano, instruments that the composer seems particularly fond of. They engender moving matter, agitated by obscure eddies infiltrated with energy, that of the piano's rocket tracts and the breath of the flute. The committed interpretation of the three soloists (Emmanuelle Ophèle, Alain Billard and Sébastien Vichard) glorifies the plasticity of astonishingly polished writing.
Michèle Tosi, ResMusica (November 23, 2016)

[…] attests to this quality of construction based on instrumental murmurs. In a succession of starts breathed by the winds, stuttered by the piano, this bewitching trio reveals how to make a phrase from snatches.
Izarren Hautsa takes pleasure in the immaterial. Reduced intensity but maximal richness.
Pierre Gervasoni, Le Monde, (October 16,  2016)

Izarren Hautsa, for ensemble
[…] The six instruments give birth to a fragile constellation at the limit of silence, shot through with a few sudden appearances immediately erased: a way of capturing the ephemeral that, this time, calls for the direction as precise as it is luminous of Matthias Pintscher.

Egan-3, for ensemble
[…] the flow is essentially discontinuous, virtuosically articulating delicate, 'crumbly' sound morphologies: rubbings, screechings, sound dust, and fleeting colours are so many instances of sound bedazzlements coming from a teeming imagination.

Egan-4, for ensemble
[…] In this 'labyrinth of objects', even more virtuosic, where fragmented sound matter acquires astonishing organicity, the tension takes effect and carries the instrumental writing to a final jubilation of sound, punctuated by the highly unexpected unleashing of skin drums. The quality of the performances leaves one speechless!
Michèle Tosi, ResMusica (November 23, 2016)


Musical event in the United States
Barraine's Second Symphony to be given in Seattle

 The very rarely heard Second Symphony of Elsa Barraine (1910-1999) will be given on 1 April 2017 by the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Adam Stern.

This composer, a student of Paul Dukas and Jean Gallon, unjustly forgotten nowadays, was artistic director of Le Chant du Monde, director of the Orchestre National, then professor at the Paris Conservatoire.

Grand Prix de Rome
, she was the author of an original catalogue ranging from film scores to sacred music, and her symphonic works were conducted by the greatest names. In particular, her Second Symphony, one of her masterpieces, was conducted and recorded by Manuel Rosenthal.

Let us hope that this American quasi-premiere marks the beginning of renewed interest in this original musician.


Shostakovich's String Quartet No.8, transcribed for organ

Dmitri Shostakovich composed his String Quartet No.8 in C minor, Op. 110 in 1960. This is one of the composer's best known and most frequently performed works, of which certain themes were reused by Shostakovich in other compositions.

In 1960, Shostakovich was in the environs of Dresden, officially to write the music for the film Five Days and Five Nights, or unofficially for treatment and rest. Overwhelmed by the spectacle of the devastated city, he wrote the Quartet in three days, between 12 and 14 July. Regarding the score, he wrote in his memoirs: 'In it, I quote Lady Macbeth, the First Symphony, the Fifth, and I take up a Jewish theme from the 2nd Trio...'

Shostakovich added: 'The main theme of this Quartet are the notes D. Es. C. H., i.e., my initials, and I quoted some of my works. A little anthology!'

This Quartet was orchestrated by Rudolf Barshai in 1967 and, with Shostakovich's agreement, renamed Chamber Symphony.

Today, Julien Bret, organist at Saint-Ambroise in Paris, has masterfully transcribed this quartet for organ, which thereby becomes a veritable symphony for great organ.

This work is doubtless destined for great success!

64 pages with cover
A4 Format
Catalogue number: OR4992
Public price inclusive of tax: 35,17 €


A new video from Chant du Monde
'About Ant-Inferno, by Stéphane Magnin'


Les Editions Le Chant du Monde presents its new video, dedicated to composer Stéphane Magnin and to his recent Ant-Inferno, for 16 instruments.

The video was produced by Ralph Reiss.

To watch it, please follow the link.


Premiered on 15 December 2015 by the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain under the direction of its conductor, Daniel Kawka, Stéphane Magnin’s work is not a literal description of Hell as imagined by Dante. But its form nonetheless takes up the same idea of circularity and peregrination, integrating into its discourse the sounds, rustling and noises associated with the vestibule of Hell, the Ant-Inferno.

flute, oboe, 2 clarinets (bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet), bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, 2 percussionists, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass
Playing time: 17’



Three masterpieces by Debussy transcribed for organ by Jean-Baptiste Robin
The Sunken Cathedral
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
A4 Format
40 pages with cover
Réf : OR4985
retail price inclusive of tax: 19.66 €
To order :
The internationally known organist Jean-Baptiste Robin, titular organist of the Clicquot in the chapel of the Palace of Versailles, offers us three legendary works by Claude Debussy, in organ transcriptions wherein faithfulness to the text and concern for adaptation to the pipe instrument strike an exemplary balance.
With preface and performing instructions in English and French.

Jean-Baptiste Robin – Website
Jean-Dominique Pasquet
Cinq aphorismes en forme de variations, opus 23
Préambule – Scherzando – Larghetto – Fugato – Postlude alla Dupré

A4 format / format A4
10 pages with cover / sous couverture
Catalogue number / Réf.: OR4990
Public price inclusive of tax Prix TTC: 13,44 €
To order :
Analysis Professor at the Ecole Normale and organist at the prestigious Oratory of the Louvre, Jean-Dominique Pasquet recently joined the Editions Le Chant du Monde. The wide variety of writing in his Five Aphorisms makes these short pieces essential for the concert hall and for the Church. They will also be of great benefit to students of the organ.
Jean-Dominique Pasquet at the organ of the Oratoire du Louvre, Paris (2 Sketches for organ) :
Jean-Jacques Werner
For clarinet in Bb and accordion
Catalogue number:MC2016
A4 format
14 pages with cover
Public price inclusive of tax: 15.00 €
To order :

Jean-Jacques Werner website :


  © Marlijn Doomernik  

1 work, 2 versions
and a new composer

Les Editions Le Chant du Monde is pleased to welcome pianist-composer Marlijn Helder!


Marlijn Helder is known throughout her native Holland for her unique and enchanting musical interpretations. Being both a pianist and composer gives her the opportunity to perform both the well-known solo and orchestral repertoire as well as her own compositions and it gives her special insight into the music of 20th century and of living composers.


Helder has performed with several Dutch and German orchestras and toured in Russia, the USA, Mexico and Europe. Her works are frequently performed in cities around the world.


Her concerts include a wide range of repertoire, including chamber music for voice and piano, violin and piano, cello and piano, piano trio and piano quartet.


Marlijn Helder - 2 new works for solo viola and solo violin:
Chorale Fantasie I and II


Version for solo viola
A4 Format
8 pages with cover
Catalogue number: AP4983
Price: 11,89 € (inclusive of tax)


Version for violin solo
Catalogue number: VS4984
A4 Format
8 pages with cover
Price: 11,89 € (inclusive of tax)


Chorale Fantasie I for viola (violin version at 0.09')

Choral Fantasie II for viola (violin version at 0.09')



cinechantdumonde.fr: music for the screen

Les Editions Le Chant du Monde have just inaugurated cinechantdumonde.fr, a new website intended especially for professionals in cinema and television. Directors, music supervisors, producers, and sound illustrators now have at their disposal a large variety of musical works in all styles and genres, ranging from contemporary to the French chanson, by way of gipsy jazz and the great Russian composers of the 20th century.

To visit our new site and make your choice, please follow this link.

At regular intervals, subscribers will receive our film news and be able to discover new works made available.

And even if you are not a film professional, nothing prevents you from visiting cinechantdumonde.fr to listen to works from our catalogue or view films that use them for their soundtrack.

Wishing you an enjoyable visit,

Cinematographically yours.

Les Editions Le Chant du Monde


Peter and the Wolf: information

For some time now, we have been led to note that a number of orchestral parts of Peter and the Wolf undoubtedly seem to be in circulation, either in the work's original version or in unauthorised arrangements, without our having been requested to make them available. We must therefore recall that, for France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco and French-speaking African countries, Les Editions Le Chant du Monde owns the rights to this work and alone is authorised to provide the rental of said parts. The fact that some of these parts were bought or ordered by conservatories or orchestras, in particular in countries outside the European Union, does not make their use licit for all that. We shall therefore be forced to consider any use that is not the object of a rental contract with our publishing house unauthorised, with the resulting consequences.

 We remain at your disposal for all further information and promise that we shall do everything possible to ensure the best rates.



A new video Chant du Monde: "Music loves me". Music for the young Les Editions Le Chant du Monde recently produced a new video about our collection for young people, "Music loves me" an ambassador for all our educational works. This short film, directed by Ralph Reiss, presents and illustrates "Love," a delightful play written by Jean Wiener for the famous television series "Stories without words", and adapted for piano by the composer Omar Yagoubi

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