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1st semester 2011

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AUGUST 2012 - CD
REF: 2742178

Joe Barbieri's new album was released in Italy on what could be seen as a premonitory date: the first day of spring. Joe Barbieri already has a number of very successful albums to his name: "Parole Povere" (2004) (first studio album) "Maison Maravilha" (2009) (second studio album) "Maison Maravilha Viva" (April 2010) CD + DVD recorded in front of an audience (this live album, recorded at the Rome auditorium with only a selected few listeners present, features songs from Barbieri's two original studio albums). "Maison Maravilha" has sold over 20 000 copies, mainly in Italy, the USA, Canada, Japan and Germany. Over the space of just a few months, Joe Barbieri has become a greatly appreciated household name who has won the respect of his peers. Originally from Naples, Joe Barbieri is now an internationally renowned artist, who has performed in over 63 different countries. His new album "Respiro" is a kaleidoscope of different musical styles. Featuring discreetly romantic songs, Barbieri's repertoire runs the gamut between bossa nova, soft jazz, and a smooth, sophisticated and elegant brand of pop. He brings to mind both Gianmaria Testa and Marcio Faraco. "Respiro" was recorded in Naples in an apartment used by Vittorio de Sica to film scenes from two of his most important films: "Matrimonio all'italiana" ("Marriage Italian-style" with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni) & "L'Oro di Napoli" ("The Gold of Naples" with Sylvana Mangano and Sophia Loren). This detail is much more than a mere anecdote when you are aware of the ‘cinematographic' quality of Joe Barbieri's songs, which all seem to be short, well-illustrated scenes that could easily generate as many short films. As was the case for his previous productions, Joe Barbieri surrounded himself here with a number of first class musicians: the pianist Antonio Fresa, the double bass player Giacomo Pedicini, the drummer Sergio Di Natale, the vibraphone player Pasquale Bardaro, the guitarists Oscar Montalbano & Tony Canto, the 'cellist Stefano Jorio and the percussionist Emidio Ausiello. Not to mention all kinds of prestigious special guests such as Stefano Bollani, Gianmaria Testa, Fabrizio Bosso and Jorge Drexler. Six of the tracks on "Respiro" are backed by a string orchestra and have benefited from the sumptuous yet discreet arrangements of Antonio Fresa. Particular care was paid to the recording quality of "Respiro", with exceptional results (going against the unfortunate current trend for the release of 'compressed' versions of music). The French audience will particularly appreciate the track ‘étape par étape par étape', sung in flawless French to a jazzy background rhythm, which brings to mind Henri Salvador at his best. Available for sale in the World except Italy, Japan and South Korea.

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