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1st semester 2011

Check out the interactive English presentation of Le Chant du Monde release program (First semester 2011) with many artist to discover, to love, to share, to watch but before all... to listen to:

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"His real name was Benito Rodriguez Rey, and he was born in Cadiz in 1929. He started his professional life as a dancer in the company of Manolo Caracol and Lola Flores. From 1955 he was a member of Lola's company, as a cantaor this time. From there he joined the "Ballets Pilar Lopez", his collaboration coming to a brutal end in 1959 because of a serious illness. He was believed to be dying and a benefit concert was given for him in Cadiz. On one and the same evening one could hear La Nina de los Peines, her husband Pepe Pinto, the young Paquera de Jerez, La Perla de Cadiz, Antonio Mairena, the formidable Terremoto de Jerez, and many more... (one need hardly say what one would have given to have been there !). Beni re-appeared the following year in the best tablaos in Madrid, and during the summer in the Flamenco festivals in Andalusia. Finally, in 1971 at the National Competition of Cordoba he was awarded not only the prizes in several categories, but also the Prize of Honour. Then his illness struck again. But Beni, one more rising like the phoenix, resumed his flight and appeared in the tablaos and penas of Andalusia, especially in Seville. 1976 was to be his most triumphant year when he was given the supreme reward, the National Cante Prize. Then followed the last years of decline, of wear, suffering and poverty. He still took part in a few festivals (on the stage he would forget his words, start a second time, something that curiously never happens to a cantaor, not even to an amateur). He died in the shade, apparently in 1990, at the age of sixty, almost forgotten."
Mario Bois


Grands cantaores du Flamenco - Volume 17
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